STReaMS Website Development Documents

Website Development Documents (Latest Release: 11/3/2017)

Year 1 Release of the STReaMS website is now available!

Development of STReaMS is tiered, and will proceed over three years. The first year release includes:

Year 2 will include batch upload and quality control tools, as well as closer integration with PIAs. In year 3, we'll add a query builder and enhance the user interface based on feedback.

The Website Development Process

Our development cycle is monthly. During the first three weeks of the month, we fix bugs and add features. The last week of the month is code freeze. No changes are made to the code during this time, so our testers can work with a stable version while they verify that everything works. We also spend this time organizing our plan for the next month's development. After a week of testing, we release a new production version of the web database.

To report a bug, please contact us. In your email, be as specific as possible. Indicate what steps you went through, so we can replicate the issue. Thanks!

Release Notes

The bug fixes and features added to each version of STReaMS are recorded below, in the release notes.




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